Thursday, December 07, 2006

High Hopes

Well, my contest was a horrible failure. I had one measly entry. Lora was the only person up to the task. Therefore I have decided to extend the contest deadline until Monday December 11th, 12:00pm EST. I won't shaft Lora, though. Not only was she the only entry, but she did actually get all the answers right, so she will be on the receiving end of many accolades at a later date.

Throw me a frickin' bone people! I am offering prizes! And glory! To hell with the gift cards! I'll send you cash if you win, ok?

In other news, I am going on a date tonight! You may recall that a few weeks ago I babysat for my Stroller Strides friend Jennifer, and tonight she's returning the favor. We're dining at a lovely little French bistro, and there will be romance and wine and fattening sauces. I can hardly wait!

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Lora said...

I thought for sure I would miss at least one. I need a life.

PunditMom said...

Sorry I missed it! I'll try my hand now!

super des said...

Way to guilt us into it, knowing that lora already got them all right.

Amy Jo said...

Hey, there is a tie breaker!

Also, my mother schooled me well in the guilt trip. I guess it shows.