Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Devil Inside

(Lovely little title for my Christmas eve post, wouldn't you agree?)

Yesterday morning, I woke up with bilateral pimples blazing on my forehead. Thank you very much, pregnancy hormones! Both oozing mounds were roughly equidistant between my eyebrows and my hairline, and both were located about a half inch from the sides of my forehead on opposite ends. Basically, if you went up directly over the ends of my brows, you would find them. All day, I kept putting my hands over them, a defense mechanism I learned in high school which only serves to draw as much attention as possible to the areas I'm trying to hide. Like the girl in my class who used to hold her folders up directly in front of her face so she could pick her nose, it was painfully obvious to SOB what I was doing. All day long, he never said anything. I contributed this to the fact that knowing I was pregnant, he was in fear of a possible shit storm of hormonal rage flung in his direction. I knew it was killing him.

Finally, around nine last night, he looked at me with a smothered smirk and said, 'You might want to go and fix your hair.' Without even thinking, I asked him why. 'Because your horns are showing.'

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Lora said...

So funny! I had terrible acne when I was pregnant, and the only thing that kept it at bay was Neutrogena acne soap (I don't know how you feel about salicylic acid during pregnancy, but I got clearance from every doc on my team) and plain old white Colgate toothpaste and rubbing alcohol applied directly to the offending beacon at night dried them up faster.

Give the belly a good rub for me and the baby a big kiss! And big hugs to you too!

Also, I stunk something terrible when I was pregnant and nursing, and I found that washing out the armpits with the acne soap helped a ton. I guess the antibacterialness of it did the trick. I still do it today, and I don't get many complaints

susan said...

Kudos to the Dr. for holding out as long as he did... he does know that he'll be getting what's coming to him for cute little comments, right?

Merry Christmas to all four of you!

super des said...

That Dr. is a good bean. This story shows that 1)he thought before speaking, and 2) he said something funny.

Amy Jo said...

I have to admit that I laughed so hard, milk came out of my nose!

Thanks for the tip, Lora! My docs said it was ok, too. They suggested skipping the acid peels and such, but I wasn't planning on having one anyway!