Sunday, December 17, 2006

Me and My Original Baby

SOB and I got engaged on new year's eve. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, and it was taken that night. We decided to hang only non-breakable ornaments on our tiny tree, and luckily this one qualifies.

Sorry for the unannounced absence. I had a touch of the holiday blues this week, and didn't feel much like spreading my misery with anyone outside of my immediate family. I am slowly resuming all normal activities, so I should be back in tip top shape by tomorrow. See you then!

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Damselfly said...

What a nice sentiment ... and ornament! Hope your blues go away.

Amy Jo said...

I'm feeling better. Just a bit too much at once, I think.

Her Bad Mother said...

Know the feeling well, friend. Take care of yourself.

(Lovely pic!)

Amy Jo said...

Thanks, Catherine. Maybe it's something in the air. Here's hoping the winds decide to change soon!