Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Post 339

Interesting title, huh? It struck me because this was our exit number off the Schuylkill Expressway back when we lived in Philly. It might even end up being our exit number once we move back.

The title is more significant when you consider that in post number 339, I announced that I was pregnant for the second time. Yep, I was all set to sit and write Sam's ten month post, but instead I took a pregnancy test and got one of the biggest shocks of my life. We are unexpectedly expecting number two. I guess maybe I was just jealous of all the other knocked up bloggers.

So now I won't be going to BlogHer '07 because I'll be somewhere around 36 weeks along by then. And I probably won't be getting a massage in February when SOB and I go here for a few days in February. And I'll be in my third trimester during the summer in Atlanta. But I'm going to have another baby, and I must admit that it's exciting!

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Marcello said...
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super des said...

Though because I'm incredibly selfish, I'm a little sad I won't get to meet you at BlogHer.
Congrats on what will be the second cutest baby in the world (unless Sam passes the title along)!

Amy Jo said...

des, I'll be back in Philly before too long, and since I'll have two kids, I'll probably need some time away from my insane life. I'll come visit you in NYC!

phillip said...

congratulations on the next bader, you guys are actually building your own family unit, the same two people who stole me a sign with the word hooker on it, its crazy how everybody is growing up, i never thought we would all make it this far, so do you want another boy or do you want a girl this time keep me posted, by the way i got steve superman returns for christmas, i hope he doesn't already have it, i haven't gotten you a gift yet but the gas station down the street of my house has some pretty nice hardly davidson flasks i just haven't decided on a color.

susan said...


blink blink
blink blink
blink blink

Did she say pregnant?

blink blink
blink blink
blink blink



Anonymous said...


You will have to give the baby an Atlanta-esque name like:

Peachtree Bader

Lucky for you, that name is not gender specific.

Let's get together after the crazy holidays.

Are you renewing your Aquarium pass?

Sarah's Mommy said...


That's great news! And I totally had to read it twice to get what was going on! :)

Amy Jo said...

Hey Phil - Steve will love that! We're kind of hoping for a girl this time around. If it's a boy, we're sending it back.

Also, you can get me the flask in army green. Are you going to be around the saturday before new year's eve? We'll be at your mother's house, so we'd love to see you!

Susan - that was almost the exact same reaction I had, just throw in a few 'what the effing eff?'s in there, and a lot of nervous pacing. Thanks, though, for the well wishes. Christ knows I'll be needing them!

Mr. Mayor! How ya been? We were actually thinking that if it's a boy we'll name him Ponce de Leon, what do you think? We'll be in da 'Burgh until the 1st, but we should be free after that! I'll call you when we get back. Oh and we never we able to get an aquarium pass, by the way.

Thanks, Sarah's mommy! I think I had to check once or twice or 700 times to make sure I knew what was going on, too!

Valerie said...


Amy Jo said...

You said it, Val.

Lora said...

i was confused too! congrats on the littlest bader!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks Lora! I know you're probably thinking I'm insane, and guess what? You're right!