Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jesus Is Not Quite Right With Me

Tonight if you're dying to know what my voice sounds like, c'mon over to Kristen's (of Motherhood Uncensored) blog talk radio show, where we'll be discussing Jesus and weather he really is the reason for the season.

Actually, we'll be discussing religion in relation to parenting, but I had to work that 'reason for the season' shtick in somewhere!

The show airs from 9pm to 11pm EST. I will be on around 9:20pm, and I will be trying my damnedest to sound like a normal human instead of someone who frequently speaks without first thinking, thereby saying the stupidest shit in the universe. Oh and keep your fingers crossed that I don't offend anyone, as well! I'll be on at the same time as the lovely Catherine, or as she's known in my house, The Smartest Woman That Ever Lived. Seriously, she's brilliant beyond words. Even Dr. SOB reads her blog, and that is saying something! I am excited and yet insanely terrified about this whole endeavor, but I'm looking forward to it.

Even if I do say something like 'keep it turned on' like I did during my first college radio show.

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Her Bad Mother said...

It was such fun doing the show together, Amy! Good, deep thoughts to keep us all thinky :)

susan said...

Great show!

Amy Jo said...

I was so jazzed last night after the show! There were so many other things I wanted to talk about, I could have probably filled the whole two hours myself!