Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Young Master*

I opened my Google reader this morning and had 74 unread posts, which almost gave me a panic attack. Sam has mastered several new feats of strength in the past few days, which has had a major effect on my time managment.

First of all, he can climb the stairs. He has always loved to play on the bottom step for some reason. He just kneels in front of it and pounds his little heart out. Monday I was doing a few dishes in the kitchen, and Sam was just out of my vision range. Usually I can hear him playing with something or other, and I peek in to check on him every couple minutes. I was listening and all of a sudden I heard a crinkling sound like a plastic shopping bag would make. We had gone shopping the day before, but I had put the bag up on the fifth or sixth step. Well, I look over and my little bratly boy had climbed his little booty all the way up there to play with the highly dangerous, completely irresistible plastic bag. It was like a two-for-one in child endangerment!

Now he can also pull himself to a standing position with extreme agility. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out how to get back down. This has been the most time consuming of Sam's new tricks. Sam has never been one to fall asleep in my arms. Usually, I lay him down after nursing and he rolls around for a while and yammers to himself before drifting off. Now, as soon as I put him down to sleep, he clamors up the side of his crib and starts doing laps as he sings to himself. Which is A. Dorable. Right up until the moment when he realizes he's tired and that he can't figure out how to lay his sweet little head down. Then we end up with this:

(Yes, I know I'm heartless and cruel for photographing my son in this condition, but please understand that this was the fourth time I was going upstairs to lay him down, and I was getting a little frustrated as well. I thought that if I took some pics, I could at least channel that negative energy into a post, right? Besides, I can use it as blackmail when he's older.)

Nap time/bedtime is taking three times as long as it did last week, because I have to hold him until he's asleep enough that he won't try and stand up once I lay him down. This has severely cut into my blog reading time. I've been trying to show him how to get down by gently plopping him on his little bum, but then he just gets pissed because he's rather be standing, so I'm kind of at a loss.

Just like every thing else, he'll likely have it figured out by the end of the week, so maybe I can get caught up. Until then, hopefully nothing interesting will happen in the blogsphere!

*Funnier if you know our last name!

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susan said...

Hee hee! Master*!!!

Congrats on the new climber... when he figures out how to go back down will you please have him email instructions to LG?

super des said...

I have to admit that your baby is less cute while screaming. But all babies are.

I think that if i didn't know you're last name, I could guess it. Or at least other things that would make me giggle.

ps- my word verification is "kuomp." I imagine that's the noise you will hear when Sam learns to un-stand.

Amy Jo said...

des - your assesment of Sam's ass thumping sound is quite accurate!

That sounds really really awful!

Her Bad Mother said...

Dude, if those sorts of pics are bad, it don't get any badder than me.

(Love. Chubby legs and screaming.)