Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Disturbingly Thin

Today I learned something new about my neighbor that I wish I hadn't. When you are standing in our hall bathroom, you can hear just about everything that is going on in our neighbor's apartment. They seem like a nice couple. They're Canadian. Everyone knows that Canadians are nicer, by nature, than their south-of-the-border neighbors. They've invited us out for drinks and have cooed over Sammy. But guess what? The missus is a big old stinking racist! That's right! I overheard one of her phone conversations while I was putting on my makeup and it was peppered with racial slurs. At one point she even did an imitation of someone she deemed to be a stupid 'nasty-word-I-wouldn't-even-dream-of-typing-you-get-the-point-right?' ordering a soda. It was all very unsettling.

Changing the subject rapidly because I feel kind of dirty, I promised some linky love to the winner of my contest. Since Lora was the first (and only) contestant to answer correctly by the original deadline, I shall showcase her and her wonderfulness now! Our other winner Vanessa doesn't have a blog, so even though I can't shout-out her blog, I can say she she giggles in her emails and is a latte fiend!

First of all, Lora's child was born on St. Patrick's day, so you know she has to be crazy fun, right? Second of all, she has five blogs. FIVE! I barely have time to read five blogs, let alone maintain five blogs. I think she might never sleep.

Baby Steps is the one that started it all. There are totally pictures of her in her underwear on there if you're into that kind of stuff. By the way, she was pregnant at the time. So maybe that's not so much your thing. Or maybe it is. Who am I to judge?


So then once little Jake was born, she started So Big, which is a photo blog of the kiddo. I know that looking at pictures of other peoples' kids might not be that exciting of a prospect to you, but just click here and you'll see why it's fun to look at pics of her kid!

She has a MySpace blog, but you have to be her friend to read it, so nyah!

Then she up and started Oh, the urbanity! Anyone from Philly should love this blog by default. And if you're not from Philly, it will definitely show you a different side of the city of brotherly love!

Finally, she took all that pent up new mother brand of insanity and began the girl is not without issues, AKA the severed heads blog, which is kind of like group therapy. Go on over if you hate your mother.

So that is Lora. Check out one of her many blogs. You'll be glad you did!

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super des said...

If I was more organized, I would have a myriad of blogs all about their own subject. But I'm not. So, I tip my bonnet to you , Lora.

Amy Jo said...

She is quite prolific, if I do say so myself.