Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Because Wangs Are Funny

On new year's eve, I went to the movies for the first time since Sam was born. Never mind that I was so tired I almost let SOB pick a movie I knew I wouldn't like so I could nap. We ended up seeing Borat at a movie theater called the Maxi-Saver! The exclamation point is part of the name, by the way. It's not really that exciting. In fact, the place was pretty depressing. It only costs $2 for a ticket (half price on Wednesdays) because they get the films about two months after their initial release. And? The place is truly a shithole. When we were trying to find some seats, we couldn't find two together that:

1. Didn't have gum/nacho cheese/bodily fluid on at least one seat cushion.
2. Had an armrest that wasn't a bare piece of steel.
3. Had a seat cushion. At all.

In the end, we settled for the uncomfortable armrest over the nasty and/or missing seat.

The movie was funny, but I can't help but wish we had seen something a little more cerebral. That was I could feel like a real live grown up person who has a biology degree and has read thousands of books instead of someone who laughs at pictures of pee pees. Thank the christ for NetFlix.

P.S. I got this for christmas, so perhaps I'll have something interesting to post soon!

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super des said...

There was a movie theatre in Fresno like that. Plus, they showed double features, so for $2 you could waste all day in uncomfortable seats.

ps - everyone cares what I had for lunch! Right?

Amy Jo said...

Back in high school, we would go to taco bell and get a backpack full of tacos and head over to the maxi saver for Pulp Fiction every wednesday for an entire summer. Funny how much of a differece 10 years makes!

That Chick Over There said...

There's a movie theater here locally that charges $1.50 to see the show. The movies are new/old know. Two months old or something.

Once, while we were there (because we are bargain hunters and all) this man came over, totally not paying attention, and SAT ON MY DAUGHTER.

She was like, GOOD GOD! That man weighed a lot of pounds!

(It was funny the time, not so much.)

susan said...

Ewww... sounds like the kind of place where you SHOULDN'T eat the popcorn, especially if it was in the cupholder before you sat down. When we get you back up here, we'll make a date to go see something cerebral. Maybe cerebral and Arden-ish. That is provided I can find my brain by then!

Amy Jo said...

Susan - I think I saw LG stashing it in the dollhouse!

TCOT - One of the main reasons I cannot wait for Sam to start talking is because I know he is going to say some funny shit!