Monday, January 22, 2007

Eleven Months and Counting...

Dear Sammy Sammy Sweetie Pie,

I'm a little short of breath about the fact that you are in the home stretch of your first year with us. Honestly, it makes me dizzy. You are quite nearly a boy in both word and deed. You throw things with recklessness, you laugh when someone burps and you adore looking at yourself in the mirror. The long hallway outside of your room has a floor to ceiling mirror at one end, and if we hold your hands, you'll run as fast as you can to kiss your reflection.

We've experimented a little with letting you feed yourself. That has gone just about as well as you'd expect. Naturally, we only give you fun colored food when we play this game. Sweet potatoes, avocado, spaghetti, etc. You seem to enjoy squishing the food in your fists more than eating it. In fact, only once have you actually put the food in your mouth when left to your own devices! By now, though, you are the master of Cheerios and other baby finger food. When we set you down for a snack, your father or I must be sitting next to you at all times so that you can alternate feeding snacks to yourself and us.

As I mentioned, you can now walk if we hold your little hands. Or fingers, if you're feeling cavalier. Last weekend we went to the zoo, and you wanted nothing to do with your stroller. We kept you happy by alternately feeding you cheesy crackers and letting you out to roam. A great time was had by all.

Bath time has become a favorite part of your day. In the morning when I am brushing my teeth, I bring you into the bathroom with me and you try to climb into the tub. Dad usually bathes you these days, and he has even started putting on your post-bath lotion instead of insisting that I do it. Tub time consists of the following in no specific order: washcloth sucking, face wiping, hair washing, dumping water from your green cup to the pitcher, washing the bum, standing up and walking around the edge of the tub, and splashing ever mother loving thing in sight. When bath time is over, it has become your official duty to pull the drain plug. I've read in several reputable baby books that this is a no-no, but you could care less. As soon as the water starts swirling down, you slap your tiny palm over the hole and stop it. Then you'll move your hand and just stare at the vortex of water as though it was the most fascinating thing on the planet. Then you get sad, but as long as we let you say hi to the naked baby in the mirror, you get happy again!

In addition to speaking your first true word, your personality has grown by leaps and bound in the past month. You are ornery, cuddly, happy, silly, demanding and more. And that's just before breakfast. You remain the eternal charmer of strangers (women especially) and have buckets of smiles for every one you see. I'm absolutely positive that you are going to be an amazing big brother. You have so much love to give for such a tiny boy. Your little sister (or brother, mumbled reluctantly) is going to be the luckiest kid in town. Your parents certainly are.

Love, Mama

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super des said...

get a haircut, ya naked hippie!

Amy Jo said...

NEVER! And no pants, either!

susan said...

Hey, Happy 11 month Birthday, Sammy-O! Lots and lots of hugs and sloppy kisses to you from us!