Friday, January 19, 2007

My Second Post in a Row with a Form of the Word 'Vagina' in the Title

Everything went well at the OB's office yesterday. Despite the fact the I parked in the only parking deck in the continental US that only accepts cash. I assume you can deduced that I had no cash on me. To remedy this situation, I had to make a 30 minute round trip walk to the nearest ATM with Sam, my diaper bag, and a free bag of really heavy crappy the nurses INSISTED I take. My parking fee? Two fucking dollars. I probably have that much change in my car.

But I digress.

My official due date is August 22nd. The baby is all snug and happy in her (wishful thinking) uterine home. I found this little pearl of wisdom online last night: Among the theories of gender prediction, if the fetal heart rate is over 140, the baby will be a girl. If the heart rate is under 140, it's a boy. My little fetus' heart rate? 170! There is also a test that directs you to mix pee with Drano, but I think I'll be skipping that one and waiting for the ultrasound.

Speaking of ultrasounds, instead of a regular old goo-on-the-belly type, they gave me a trans-vaginal one yesterday. It was a little weird. Only adding to the weird factor was Sam, just to the right of my feet, probably getting an eagle eye view of everything while strapped into his stroller. I just tried to focus on the monitor while the nurse tried to distract Sam with graham crackers. I hope to god she was successful.

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Jori said...

Comedic. At least the way you worded it. Sending you "girl" vibes!

Lora said...

Bah. He's seen it all before. From the inside out.

Girl con Queso said...

My little boy had a heart rate of 170. So. There goes that theory.

Amy Jo said...

Boo to bogus theories!

I need to find some child care stat. Maybe one viewing of my nether parts from the outside is ok, but repeated viewings may scar him for life.

susan said...

Hee hee. That title should get you some unwary visitors... did the site meter kick into overdrive?

Valerie said...

FYI Cait's heart rate was above 140. :-)