Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Household Hints #142

Here's a tip for you! If you ever drop a huge jar of pickles (you do remember I'm pregnant, right?) on you kitchen floor, be especially careful when cleaning up the super-sharp shards of glass. Pickle juice is acidic AND very salty. If you cut yourself, it'll burn. Like. A. Mother. Fucker.

Check in tomorrow to find out how to get the overpowering odor of pickle off of every single thing you own.

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super des said...

You're not having a good day. :(

susan said...

Um, so that was not at ALL what I expected to read when I opened up your page to see a jar of giant pickles...

Ouch! Hope the pickle smell comes out easily!!!

Amy Jo said...

It wasn't too gory, so don't fret!