Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kiss This!

Ever since the legendary car debacle of 2007, I've been picking Dr. SOB at the train station in the evenings and something has been bothering me.

(Side note: Fortunately, I have a wonderful and understanding husband who has only once, when it was pouring rain, asked me to drive him to the train station in the wee hours of the morning. The train station that is 1.8 miles from our house. He really is a good man.)

What was I taking about? Oh yeah, this.

I can't quite figure out why, but this doesn't sit well with me. At first, I was outraged that the MARTA people would assume that the man is the one out working for a living and his wife is relegated to picking him up. Then SOB pointed out to me that there was no real indication that the driver of the car was a woman. My mind probably made that leap because I have not once seen a man behind the wheel of any of the cars waiting to pick someone up. Or perhaps it's because a briefcase is, in my mind, a manly accessory, and so my traditional Judeo-Christian brainwashed mind automatically draws the conclusion that the driver of the car is female.

Ruling out any gender issues, though, I still find this somehow unsettling. Are you allowed to pick someone up if you only have a platonic relationship with them? I mean, I have plenty of friends that I don't kiss, but that I would pick up at the train station. For a while I was convinced that 'kiss' was actually an acronym like MARTA. But none of my searching yielded anything that satisfied me.

Does this bother you? Am I crazy? (Don't answer that.) Help me make some sense out of this perplexing, bothersome issue!

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susan said...

Looks to me like the driver of the car has a thing or two to tell Mr./Ms. Briefcase. Maybe they just didn't have enough room on the sign to squeeze "off" in after "Kiss"? Could be my environment coloring my perception, though...

Lora said...

wait. Women are allowed to drive? What a bunch of nonsense.

Amy Jo said...

I just can't quite figure out why this bothers me so much! Argh!