Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Paparazzi had to Stake Out the Entrance to My Vag for Three Hours to Get This Shot

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Kris H. said...

Awesome! Hi baby!!!

Anonymous said...

The baby is cute. It has your eyes . . . I think.

Alhambra is a great name if you have another son. That or "Peachtree" or "Peaches" if you have a girl.

Peaches Bader would get call backs for job interviews. I'm certain of it.

BTW, my wife was never thrilled with the intra-va-jay-jay ultra-sounds either. Since we had a cute ultra-sound tech, however, I did not mind as much.

Amy Jo said...

I could roll with Peaches.

Valerie said...

Such a cute little alien!

Amy Jo said...

My MIL sent me an email exclaiming how beautiful s/he was. I had to stop myself from asking her if she meant the grey splotch?