Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm not ususally one to watch morning television, but this morning I was flipping to PBS and something caught my eye. The cast of the Today Show was outside of their studio talking to the hoardes of people standing in the frigid air with hopes of touching Matt Lauer's sleeve or punching Meredith Viera in the face. Or something. Well, they pan to this young girl who is holding a big sign. It reads:

Today Is My 13th Birthday and All I Want is to Meet Al R.

R as in Roker. Al Roker. WTF?

Christ, when I was 13 all I wanted was a phone in my bedroom, for my mother to stop trying to make eye contact with me, and to make out with Brian Lemondola. This girl looks like a regualr old 13 year old. She has braces, and has a touch of that awkward thing going on, but so do most semi-pubescent kids. Why on earth would she have such a desire? He's a weather man, right? I could maybe understand if she was dying to meet Lauer. At lease he's an anchor, and a little on the handsome side. And I bet he doesn't have a bunch of extra skin hanging around to boot!

I guess it makes perfect sense that she's from Normal, Illinois.

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phillip said...

nice entry, that is pretty strange, think of how strange it would be if some 13 year old wanted to meet hugh downs or something, haha, anyways thanks for the free chuckles

super des said...

When I was real young, I didn't understand why Willard Scott was not saying happy bday to me. I didn't get that he only did it for the real old folks who sent in a picture. I wanted him to say it just once. By the time I was 13, however, I was over it.

Amy Jo said...

Maybe there is something in the water in Normal, IL.