Saturday, February 24, 2007

Recap: Birthday Edition

Yesterday we went from 23 degrees and light snow to 65 degrees and sunny. There are some things about the south I will miss terribly.

Our trip was eventful and exciting and even a bit relaxing. I had man hands rubbing me with scented oils, and then I went to the spa and got a massage. I got my hair cut while wearing only a robe. And? I was totally nude underneath! Two nights in a row, I slept for ten hours without interruption. Except for my bladder, which demanded to be emptied at least once during the night. I ate a twelve course meal, birthday cake, pizza from my favorite shop in the world, and some grilled stickies a la mode. Sam ate almost nothing but toast, oatmeal and pears. He got his first taste of frosting and snow. He didn't like either one. He fell head-over-heels in love with his grandfather, much to the dismay of his grandmother. He was serenaded by his uncle, and became completely fascinated with his guitar.

He took a total of four unassisted steps, two on two separate occasions. Although to be fair, they were kind of a calculated risk rather than a true feat of physical prowess. He would assess the distance to the person he was inching towards, and if it was short enough, he gambled that mom/gram/pap would catch him before he would fall. Then he would lurch forward, moving his feet in a drunken line, into the waiting arms he never doubted.

He played with cousins and friends. We played with cousins and friends. We met some new fellas and their mommy.

All in all, we had a great time. We're glad to be back here in the ATL, but even more excited to move back home. Philly and Pittsburgh may have a few hundred miles between them, but the distance seems negligible when there are no airports to navigate.

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Lora said...

grilled stickies a la mode and cookie fudge fantasies provided 96% of my nutrition in high school.

smiley cookies are over-rated.

give sammy a huge hug for me for mastering the stepping. you're in for it now, lady!

watch your mail, but i'm always a month behind on sending packages, so Sammy's should be coming along right around Jake's birthday.

Amy Jo said...

Mmmmm...Cookie fudge fantasy.