Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweet Feet

SOB has been working a lot the past few days, which means often he comes home after Sam is in bed. I guess he's really been missing him, because last night when he got home, Sam was in bed, but not quite yet asleep. Well, Dr. ran upstairs and just held him and rocked him for about twenty minutes until he was good and sound asleep. Then later, little Sammy decided to wake up a little after midnight. Usually when he starts yapping at some random time in the night, I'll let him go for a while and he usually quiets down on his own. But as soon as he heard the first peep on the monitor, SOB was up out of bed and down in the rocker again. I heard him whispering sweet sounds to our baby boy, and before I knew it he was off to bed again.

It was the best Valentine's present I've ever received.

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super des said...

I love it.

Amy Jo said...

I could eat me some baby toes.