Friday, February 16, 2007

Vacation! All I Ever Wanted!

Greetings from balmy Pittsburgh! Today we will be having a birthday party for Sam at an ice cream parlour. Because everyone knows that a frosty chocolate milkshake is the perfect afternoon snack for those dog days of February. If you happen to see me, do not attempt any good-natured ribbing about the weather/ice cream party because I will will enter permanent bitch-face mode. Tomorrow morning we head for our mountain retreat, sans baby. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I keep thinking he is going to choke on something and my parents won't know the Heimlich. So crazy, I am! So posting may be sporadic, but it also may be quite a bit more frequent. We will have the computer at the resort, and no child or house to clean or meals to prepare. Fuck, I might post seventeen times a day!

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janet said...

I had a craving for soft serve the other day-
Congrats on getting a retreat! sage and i went on our first date night in months last night- His younger brother was babysitting and i kept worrying that jack would decide to figure out how to jump face first out of his crib!
Have fun!

super des said...

Happy to get away.

I support ice cream any time of year. Just thought you should know that.

Mrs. Chicken said...

oooo, a retreat! Have a great time!

Amy Jo said...

The ice cream was a complete and total sucess. Stay tuned for more details. Perhaps tomorrow after my massage!

Anonymous said...

I guess I came across your blog looking for things to do when I go to Pittsburgh next weekend. I booked my room at the little old Courtyard by Marriott downtown and, believe it or not The Hilton wasn't that much more expensive for some reason but I just can't bare the thought of giving those spoiled little brat daughters any more money. Anyway, what the heck is there to do in Pittsburgh for a 32-year-old single woman?

Amy Jo said...

Sorry to say, but I haven't lived there in over a decade. We only go back to visit family, and we mostly are hanging out in the 'burbs. There is a part of town called the South Side where there is a bunch of bars and stuff. There are also bars and shopping during the day in a part of town called the Strip District. During the day, the Carnegie museum in Oakland is pretty cool, and it's right on campus at Pitt. If you're hungry, and want some local grub try a Primanti's Sandwich (it's a dive but the food is heaven) or Benkovitz fried fish sandwich. Have fun!