Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sell Your Crazy Some Place Else 'Cause We're All Stocked Up Here

Welcome to my own special brand of insanity. I live in a constant fear of dehydration, which I plan to pass along to my offspring. If you've ever seen me dehydrate, you know it's gross. I am always in a state of cat-like readiness when it comes to having an endless supply of portable water on hand. There are currently no diapers in my diaper bag. And that french press hiding behind the seven thousand ounces of water? It has grinds caked to it from a long ago brew. But water bottles and sippy cups? Filled and ready to go, mother fuckers!

P.S. If you can correctly identify the two movies I kind of not exactly quoted in this post, leave a comment and I will shower you with accolades.

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Chase said...

I caught your Breakfast Club quote...but the other one is a mystery. Hrmmmmmm.

I'm so glad I don't dehydrate. Because I'd be dead. I didn't even drink water until a couple of months ago. And I mean EVER. (And now I'll only drink it if it's COOOOLD and filtered. Or flavored!)

Anonymous said...

I caught the As Good As it Gets Quote whats the other quote?


Anonymous said...

Nevermind i got it!! Molly Ringwold!!!! That was fun you should play that game more often!


super des said...

I didn't get either quote, but luckily the people ahead of me did.

I too have those filled water bottles. I wish I had sippy cups. Water good.

Amy Jo said...

It's my life's mission to maintain a balanced state of hydrostasis.

See, I just totally geeked you out there, didn't I?