Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I know a lot has been said about Al Gore and his waistline, but let me tell you something. That man is sexy. I guess it's that big ole brain of his that turns me on. I never realized that I had a 'thing' for Mr. Former Vice President until last night, when my subconscious took the reigns. In my dreams, SOB and Tipper were non-existent, and I was being secretly courted by none other than the inventor of the internet. Who was running for president, by the way. And who had an almost crippling foot fetish.

Yep, it was an interesting night.

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super des said...

You are such a nerd!

Oh, The Joys said...

I sleezed my way into Hank Aaron's 75th birthday party and Clinton came. I have to say, in person?! He was totally hot. I thought - you GO Monica. Seriously. HEh.

Anonymous said...

hey amy..i guess he is kinda hot...but a total dork. anyway...your post made me laugh alot and i had to comment. move back soon so we can laugh alot.


Amy Jo said...

Carrie - don't you see the attraction? A doughy dork boy? You've met my husband, right?

I've heard that Clinton is much foxier in person!

Amanda said...

You just made my Saturday! That was brilliant. Hip hip hooray for the subconscious.