Thursday, April 26, 2007

Graduation Day

On Tuesday afternoon, after the snot had been wiped clean and some tylenol had been administered, I carted Sam off to the YMCA. After spending nearly 24 hours alone with a sick-ish baby, I needed a bit of a break in the form of some weight lifting. I purposely chose an hour where, in the past, there have been few kids in the child care center as to avoid spreading his snot face around. We hadn't been there in over a week, so the staff was unaware of Sam's new walking ability. Well, one person in particular was extremely happy about Sam's new talent. As soon as she saw him chasing me around the room, she jumped all 300 pounds of herself out of the rocking chair and declared that he was walking well enough to move up a 'class'. At first I was nervous about sending him off with new 'teachers' when he wasn't feeling well, but all the shiny new toys were enough to distract him, and he played, happy as a clam, for a little over an hour. When I came to gather him up, he didn't want to leave. It took almost three months, but I'm so relieved we're finally free of the lazy ladies!

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The Swiss Miss said...

Who knew walking could open up so many doors for you! : ) Congrats on being free of the lazies!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks! I was soooooo glad! Probably not as much as Main Lazy Lady, but still!