Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Want My Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back

Now that stupid Chili's song is going to be stuck in your head all day thanks to me! Join the crazy club.

My honey is home and my baby is feeling better. Sam woke up on Tuesday with a shell of snot dried to his face. I'm not even joking when I say it took me ten minutes with a hot wash cloth to clean it all off. He kind of looked like a more disgusting version of the Phantom of the Opera. Because he barely ate a thing all day, and I spent most of my time chasing him around with kleenex we were both totally pooped by bed time. SOB got home around 8 that night and we all crashed.

But yesterday? Was awesome. There was so much less snot, for one thing. Sam was feeling much better, SOB had they day off, and it was sunny and warm. We frolicked and played. We made lovely ham and cheese sandwiches with the yummiest cave aged gruyere. SOB and I laid in bed and watched the ceiling TV while Sam had his afternoon nap. Bliss.

Today it's rainy outside, but Sam was able to go back to Jesus school, so I have a few lovely hours alone with my laptop, who I missed almost as much as SOB. I've been devouring this story over at Chinese Adoption Heartbreak (warning: have tissues nearby) and trying to catch up on all the blog reading I missed during my parent's visit.

I will be back in full force tomorrow, with new posts here AND over at my new review blog The Cheese Says....Mmmmmm! And? There will be prizes! Lovely free prizes! See you then!

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super des said...

I got my book yesterday, btw.