Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Insert Sound of Hand Smacking Forehead Here

Have you ever had a conversation where you weren't really saying anything? The kind of small talk you have with your neighbor whose name you're not sure of or the guy who delivers packages in your building. Well, I just had a two minute phone conversation that went a little like this:

Phone Person: Hello?
Me: How's it going?
PP: Fine, how are you?
Me: Not bad.
PP: Good.
Me: How's your day been?
PP: Nice, and yours?
Me: Pretty decent. I got a bunch of stuff done this morning.
PP: That's nice. (awkward pause)
Me: So when are you coming home?
PP: Who is this?
Me: SOB?
PP: Nope.
Me: Oops, I have the wrong number! Sorry!

Now, I should have been tipped off because Phone Person had an accent, but SOB is a jocular fellow and has been known to adopt a dialect in the name of humor. Especially because he likes to poke fun at me for having trouble understanding people over the phone, especially if they are heavily (or, to be honest, even a little) accented. In my defense, I have somewhat diminished hearing, which I fully intend to have checked out as soon as we're back in Philly. Sometimes he also just sounds weird when he's at work. He's usually in a busy OR with music playing and surgeons barking at him, so he tends to speak quickly and quietly. Whatever my excuse, I mistook some gentleman who sounded Indian for my husband.

And said husband? Is currently telling everyone within earshot about it and having a good laugh at my expense.

Maybe I'm a just a smidgen glad he's stuck at work until 8 tonight.

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theotherbear said...

Bwahahaha - that is just so funny. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune but you must admit you'd probably think it funny if it happened to someone else? No?

Kris H. said...

Hehehe... I am told that I have one of those voices that sounds like a lot of other people's voices, so this is always happening to me. I will answer the phone and some stranger will start chatting me up. It is actually kinda fun. I always feel bad when I have to tell them I am not who they think I am...

Anyway, my point is you are not alone...

Amy Jo said...

At least it made for some good blog fodder, huh?