Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jours Fous

Yesterday SOB left for a five day four night conference in Montreal. Yippee for him. Half an hour before he left for the airport, we got an email from our landlord saying that he couldn't agree to a five month lease extension, despite the fact that I discussed this with him initially in November and he said it wouldn't be a problem. We can stay if we want, but at an increased monthly rent, and we'll have to pay rent for time when we will actually be living in Philly. Since we never had anything in writing, he claims that he though we'd be staying until December. Since SOB had already signed his contract with a November 1st start date when these conversations began taking place, I can't imagine either one of us would have mentioned any part of December as our extension date. At any rate, I held it together for the few minutes we had before SOB left, and before the lock had turned I was bawling.

I am frustrated. I am angry. But mostly I am disappointed in myself. I am always the naive little girl who thinks that everyone will do right by her. (Go see my comment here and laugh your ass off!) That no one would possibly try and screw over a pregnant lady with a toddler just for a few extra bucks. That no one would try and take advantage of our situation by waiting until a measly ten days before we have to give notice to redefine the terms of the ass raping he calls a lease extension. That my mom and dad are here this weekend and I can't enjoy their company because I have to go and see a bunch of crappy apartments while they stay here in our even crappier apartment with Sam.

And? SOB took the laptop. I'm sitting on the third floor as I type this on our dinosaur of a desktop. Every time I need to look up a phone number (which is lots of times) I have to haul my pregnant ass up two flights of stairs.

Then I tried to call SOB at his hotel and the phone only spoke French at me.

I'm going to go to sleep now. Someone wake me when it's June 2nd.

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janet said...

give me your landlord's address- i'll take care of it- philly style. There will be nothing left but a trail of Geno's (or Pat's depending on your preferance).
Sorry to hear about all the crap. I too sometimes expect the best of people to my own default!

super des said...

My boyfriend spent some time in housing court as an intern and when he was done he came back with so many stories of evil slimy landlords, all trying to take advantage of (or evict) elderly or poor people, or both.
I hate landlords. Hope you find a place. :}

Amy said...

Thanks guys. At this point we've worked out a deal with current guy, because it would be such a hasstle to try and move at this point. I guess he was smart by making his first offer seem unreasonable, and then making his second offer even worse so that the first one doesn't seem so awful by comparsion.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Landlords suck. I'm sorry that happened to you!

susan said...

What a jackass. I wish we had some connection in the Atlanta area to get you out of there. Grrrr. I guess at least you were able to come to an agreement, but wow, what a hassle! I'm so sorry!!!