Friday, April 20, 2007

The Rhythm is Going to Get You

A few weeks ago we purchased two white noise machines. One for our room and one for Sam's. They have been working out great, but every night we climb into bed and forget to turn it on. After we lay there conversing for a few minutes, one of us realizes this and starts campaigning for the other person to get up and flip the switch. Because we end up having a conversation every night about the damned thing, a nickname has evolved. At first, it was simply the noise machine. Then it became the sound machine. Now it is affectionately knows as the Miami Sound Machine.

Last night we were laying in bed watching the Office. When the episode was over, the room got very quiet. Out of freaking nowhere, SOB started flailing his arms and legs in a somewhat rhythmic motion, which scared the shit out of me. I looked at him like there were cockroaches crawling out of his ears, to which he replied, 'The rhythm is going to get me! The rhythm is going to get me! The rhythm is going to get me! Oh no!' to the tune of the title song. I informed him that the rhythm was going to get him tonight, and asked why he said 'Oh no!' instead.

'Because,' he said, 'I don't want to get gotten!'


Des did the 5 questions a few days ago! Stop by and check her out. You won't be disappointed. She just got a Thinking Blogger award!

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super des said...

ha ha ha.
You guys are so weird.

Amy Jo said...