Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Maytag Man: Always a Source of Disappointment

Why is is that every time the Maytag Man is scheduled to come to my house, I get all excited! Maybe it'll be the guy from TV, right? That would be so cool! But every time I am sadly disappointed. The current Maytag man working on my washing machine is an obscenely obese African American gentleman who is breathing so loudly I can hardly concentrate.

In other news, we have not gotten any response from the landlord yet.

In other other news, my scan is tomorrow, so hopefully we can put this whole '1 in 3,900 chance of a two-headed baby' shit to rest soon.

Yesterday afternoon Sam and I went to the Children's Museum of Atlanta with some friends. I was very anxious because they are featuring a Sesame Street exhibit where your kids can sit on the steps of 123 Sesame Street. I was already starting to get misty as I waited for my friends to arrive, due, in large part, to the pregnancy hormones I'm sure. I was a rabid Sesame Street fan as a child, and now it's the only television we let Sam watch. Just the thought of him sitting on those steps was making me all verklempt. So naturally, the kid had absolutely no interest in the Sesame Street thing. He had a heck of a time playing with the scaled down musical instruments, though!

Finally, in other other other news, Baby Loves Disco is finally making its way to Atlanta! We'll be there with bells on on April 21st!

See, I told you I couldn't concentrate.

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susan said...

Woo-hoo, Baby Loves Disco! You're sure to have a blast!!

Amy Jo said...

I can't wait! And I think we're on a VIP list or something! Woo Hoo!