Monday, April 30, 2007

My Uterus is Charmed

First, I won these lovely little things back before I even knew numero dos was really the F2. (That sounds like secret code. I bet only my most dedicated readers will be able to decipher it!)

Then this afternoon I received an email informing me that I was the winner of one of the lovely prizes I pimped so hard on friday! (And in case you were wondering, I am baby F in the 'match the baby mamas' game! Me, drinking wine! Hard to imagine, I know!)

Half an hour later, the UPS guy knocked on my door and delivered this for our sweet little unborn F2. Compliments of the always thoughtful and lovely Susan!

She's not due for another sixteen weeks, but she's already spoiled!

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Lora said...

Susan makes me look like a chump. I haven't even gotten Sammy's gift mailed. The shirt is size 18 mos. Does he even fit that size anymore? the sad thing is that I have carted this box too and from work and on errands, and it never got to the post. I suck.

susan said...

Okay, so the truth must be told or my karma will be severely out of whack... I honestly thought F2 was closer to making her entrance. Not that it doesn't secretly tickle me to be first for once... F2, you will be spoiled rotten for giving me that little thrill!!!!

Amy Jo said...

She's not set to make her arrival until mid August, thank god. I'm not quite ready for two yet. I still need some time to wrap my brain around the idea!