Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Recap: Virrus Edition

Thursday night I baby-sat for a friend. I've watched her now nine month old little boy before, and he's a peach. They left around 6:30, and when they got home at 9:30, the poor kid had vomited six times. Twice directly onto me*. He seemed fine in between the puking spells, so I only called her to find out where they kept the extra sheets and let them enjoy their dinner.

Cut to 5am on Saturday. I am dreaming that I am being chased by a hammer wielding Saddam Hussein. He finally corners me, and just as he raises his arm to strike me in the belly, I wake with a start. Then I double over. My stomach is in knots, and within an hour I am evacuating all of my bodily fluids every thirty minutes or so. Being pregnant puts a lot of pressure on the abdominal cavity to start with, and with every retch the pressure only increases, leading to the loss of bladder control. SOB and Sam eventually woke up, and they came upon me on my knees in a puddle of my own urine. Not my best moment.

I spent the rest of the morning tossing fitfully in our guest room, which has the closest bed to a toilette. By noon, I had stopped with the heaving, but the bugs had caught a south bound train, if you catch my drift. Finally, around 6pm, my systems kind of shut down, but in a good way. I went to bed and didn't wake up for twelve hours.

Yesterday I felt like I had, in fact, been pummeled with hammers. Because I am pregnant I have a million little burst blood vessels on my face, which makes me look like I was beaten savagely. I didn't realize this until I decided to leave the house for a few minutes yesterday. We took Sam to the playground, much to the dismay of all the children there. I managed to keep down a piece of toast and an egg for dinner last night, which I was very proud of, and today I've had more toast and a cookie. But due to the busted face, I'll be hanging around the domicile for the rest of the afternoon, so don't come looking for me.

At least I didn't get a bloody eye like when I was pregnant with Sam!

*Alternately, I may have gotten food poisoning from a scrumptious cinnamon bun that was absolutely smothered in cream cheese frosting that I consumed on Friday night. It was from the (non-refrigerated) Publix bakery, so maybe not the best choice. Since no one else, including the boy's parents, SOB or Sam got sick, the bun may be the more likely culprit.

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super des said...

Wow, you make pregnancy sound... super. Can't wait.

ps - you have an ad for "" which I find hilarious and a little disturbing and offensive.

Amy Jo said...

Des - what ever you do, don't click on the link for The page has a cheer leading section that chants 'Go Meat!' It's really scary.

The Wood Family said...

Amy you are hilarious in your expressions!! Cracks me up! I'm glad you are starting to feel better though. How horrible that would have been.

The wedding was for Kristin Friend. I don't know if you ever knew Melissa Friend (now Alsing) but it was her middle sister.

Anywho, how's little Sam doing? And when are you due again? I saw that you referred to your unborn as a "her". I don't think I knew that...or did I forget??? Well, congrats anyways. I hope I have a girl at some point. I love all the little clothes.