Saturday, May 26, 2007


When I was a little girl, I loved to drink the tap water here in Florida. The funny taste was one way my senses delighted in being on vacation. Now that I am older, I guess I've become a water snob. I have no problem drinking tap water in some places, but since we bought a Britta a decade ago, I prefer my water to be somewhat less regionally distinct.

We went out and bought a case of bottled water to spare my offended taste buds. Imagine my surprise when I read the label, which informed me that the water contained therein, 'is a celebration of what's most natural about Florida.' As it happens, Zephyrhills is only about 40 miles from where we're staying.

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Becky said...

oh man! That sure does suck when you buy bottled water only to find out its the stuff you were trying not to drink.

Amy Jo said...

Luckily, it doesn't taste nearly as bad. I think it's all the chemicals and softeners they put in the municipal water down here.