Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Few Random Things...

1. Last Friday I reviewed When Parents Hurt over at The Cheese Says....Mmmmm! I have a shiny new hard bound copy of this book to give away, and no one to give it to! Interested? Know someone who might be? Drop me an email or comment and it could be yours!

2. I mentioned last week that we're collecting quotes from moving companies. This morning when we went outside, I noticed movers next door. Naturally, I start scoping out the scene to figure out who is in charge. Once I determined who the head honcho was, I asked him if his company did interstate moves. 'Only if it's within the state of Georgia,' he replied. I'm not sure if he was trying to be cute or if he was just kind of dumb.

3. We were heading out this morning so that I could take Sam to Jesus school while I went for a lovely little cervical exam. I was wildly optimistic that because I had spent half the day Saturday contracting there would be something to show for it. Turns out, my cervix is still closed up as tightly as, well, something really tight. My bra? It's pretty tight these days. BA!

4. And finally, Lindsay, seriously, lay off the nose candy, ok? Seriously.

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Catherine said...

Point #2 reminded me when I toured a daycare center and I asked the assistant director about the attrition rate for teachers. She said, "oh the teachers have the same nutrition the children have. Although they are welcome to bring their own lunches." Uhm, okay.

Arizaphale said...

1.I'm sure you don't want to post a book to Australia, but it sounds interesting!
2. Yes, dumb.
3. and lay off the booze too Lindsay! I speak from experience......