Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Morning Smack Down!

But first, this! We just got our first in-home estimate for the move. I know I said we would never hire movers again, but please! You do realize that we're moving in two months, and that sometime between now and then I'm going to squeeze a baby out of my hoo-ha, right? Let's be honest. The biggest contribution I'll probably make to this move is giving 85% of my clothes to Good Will. That and not bitching too much. But don't hold me to that. I like bitching.

My head is a little scattered today. Some days I'm all 'baby baby baby' and other days I'm totally 'moving moving moving' and for some reason, I can't seem to focus on both things on the same day. Today, however, I'm more focused on my son, and why he's being a holy terror.

We've been having some issues with the throwing of things. Anything Sam can get in his grubby little hands becomes a potential projectile. Sippy cups, TV remotes, toys, wireless playstation controllers that were only purchased days ago (and are the subject of another post entirely). Are you sensing a pattern? Following the advice of another Amy (though I can't remember if it was from here or here) we have instituted a thrown items time-out area. Basically, if he chucks something, it goes on top of the microwave, in clear sight, until the next day. Things seemed to be going well on this program.

Until this morning.

When the placement of any object in the thrown items time-out area resulted in the sensation of being gored alive by schizophrenic bulls. At least that's what you would have thought, had you heard the screaming. Who knows, maybe you did hear the screaming. All I know was that I was thanking my lucky stars that it was Little Gym day. Sam adores Little Gym. He wants to make out with Little Gym and bring it home to meet his parents. I figured that once we entered into his mat covered, primary colored garden of Eden, the day could begin anew.

Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Instead of happily tumbling and running around, Sam spent his (abbreviated) Little Gym class charging kids and smacking them upside the head. Since the age group for his class is 10-18 months, he is one of the bigger kids and therefore able to cause some serious damage. I finally packed him up and out of there when he tackled an 11-month old boy who isn't even walking yet as he held onto a support bar. After profusely apologizing, not just to the non-walker's mom but to everyone, of course.

It sucks to have your kid be 'that kid.' Believe me. I'm hoping that this was an isolated incident. And since he's been asleep since we came home at 10:30, I'm thinking that the situation may have something to do with him being a little tired. At least I hope so!

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susan said...

Sammy? That 11-month old must have totally been asking for it.

In all seriousness, we all have those days when our kid is "that kid". Some more often than others. And the adults that can't relate? Either they don't have kids or their kid is like that ALL THE TIME and they don't see it. I'm sure a nap is all he needed!!!!

Mrs. Chicken said...

My kid was "that kid" all day today.

Aaaaaallllll day.

Amy Jo said...

Luckily, all the other mothers there seemed to be understanding. I'm sure it helps that we've been seeing the same group of people week after week, so they know he's not usually such a bully.

Oh Mrs. Chicken! I hope the Poo is generally having fun on vacation. So that you can have fun, too.

Arizaphale said...

Apart from the fact that 17 months is a time to test out boundaries and future careers as a Pitcher (that's what they're called right?) strikes me that there is a lot going on at your place at the moment. New baby on the way, moving house and all the stress that this entails. Perhaps Sam is reacting to the building stress around him? Toddlers are v sensitive to their parent's moods but have no mechanisms to deal with them yet. I well remember carrying the Baby Angel out under my arm on NUMEROUS occasions!! On the other hand he may have just been tired and I should MMOB (mind my own business)
Oh, and if I sound like a know it all and have it all figured out, go to my post on Too Much Birthday and have a good click of your tongue at me!!!!