Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tempting Fate

No, I haven't had a baby yet.

Despite my silence the past few days, little baby girl is still firmly in utero. This past week has been unusual, to say the least. SOB was home every day. He worked in the evenings on Monday and Wednesday, but he otherwise spent his time chillaxing at home with me, Sam and SSIL. Plus we had the new addition of SSIL. There was some time spent getting acquainted and getting into the swing of things. Sam is madly in love with SSIL, and has decided to reserve most, if not all, of his kisses, for her. Which I'm trying not to cry about.

We went out to dinner and a movie last night. In a double dog dare to fate, we went to a fairly long movie (Harry Potter) and then had dinner at the same place we went on our date back in December. Unfortunately fate wasn't interested.

In the family baby pool, I picked tomorrow's date, so keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

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super des said...

I hope you do get to pick the date.
Good luck, and welcome F2!

susan said...

Damn, I was so hoping...! Hope the movie and dinner were delightful -- sounds like you're doing everything just right!

Amy Jo said...

Nothing yet. I guess I lost. Oh well!