Monday, September 24, 2007


I am missing SOB terribly. He's been gone for a week, and he's not coming back until Saturday night. This is the longest we have ever spent apart. Ever. I'm faring better than I expected, but as the days drag on, my resolve weakens.

I sleep in our big new bed, but the covers on his side of the bed are barely rumpled. When I reach out for him, there are only cool pillows. At the end of the day, there is only the cat to snuggle with.

I want to kiss him. I want to watch him wrestle with Sam. I want to smell his hair by my face.I want to see Lucy cradled on his chest. I want him to kill the spiders. I want him to drive the car. I want to hear him laughing. I want to eat his cooking. I want to see him first thing in the morning.

I want to live in our new home together.

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susan said...

Long distance relationships (no matter how short-term!) suck. Hopefully our little zoo trip will be a good start to keeping you so busy that the time will fly by and Saturday will be here before you know it!

super des said...

When I moved into my new apartment, I spent one night there without C. That was sad. I feel for ya, babe.

Christina said...

I'm sure he wants to be here just as much as you want him here Amy Jo. In the meantime if you need any distraction, I'm your girl.

Fidget said...

when Tessa was a babe in arms and Mira just a toddler, The Hubster and I were separated for 10 long days due to a hurricane. Those days stretched on like months, I'm sorry you all have to be apart. It just sucks

Arizaphale said...

So, is he back yet???? I love the reunion part.
Himself was away for 6 weeks back in March/April. I'm a big girl so I coped ok and he rang every night as he had promised he would. When I flew over to meet up with was weird...I felt like we were dating all over again! Very romantic though.