Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lucy: Month One

Dear Lucille Anne -

Lucy, goosey, tiny caboosie. My sweet little gosling. Has it really been an entire month since you've been with us? My, how the time flies. See, here you are on your birthday.

See how tiny and pale you were? Look at you now!

So chubby and sweet! So far, you have been a nearly perfect baby. You sleep well, eat well, and are pleasant 99% of the time. I know I shouldn't compare, but you are so much easier than your brother was at this point! Maybe it helps that I'm much less anxious this time around. Maybe it's because you have girl parts and not boy parts. I've heard that girls are usually calmer than boys.

Even though you seem to smile all the time, you gave me your first smile, for reals reals, last night. It totally made being awake at 2am worth it.

Now that you have your own bed, you sleep much better in it, rather than on the floor.

But you'd still rather snuggle up on a mama or papa than anything else.

You are growing like a weed. You probably weigh in excess of ten pounds at this point. We have already given away several outfits that are too small. But since you are a tiny little lady, I have trouble resisting all of the wonderful clothes at the stores. Be it Target or the Gap or Gymboree. At least I have a convenient excuse for the time being.

Aside from a few small indiscretions, your brother has taken to you like flies to honey. How could he resist? You're the most delicious thing ever. Plus, every single person who comes with a gift for you also brings presents or sweets for him.

This month has been an adventure, what with being born and moving halfway across the country, and you've handled it like a champ. I can't imagine any other child doing half as well as you have. I can only hope that you maintain your sweet disposition through your teen years and well into adulthood.

Baby girl, I love you to pieces.


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Nora Bee said...

Congratulations! She is lovely.

Arizaphale said...

AAwww. She is sensational. Love the snuggle picture. She is starting to fill out and look less like a new born.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks! I'm partial, but I think she's a doll!