Friday, September 21, 2007


After all of the good luck (from the dead crow) things have finally started to go south. A little, at least.

We had a plumber over yesterday to take a gander under the sink, where a small leak had been discovered the night before. I called several and the only one who called me back was Pennsylvania Dutch. Which means I couldn't understand a single holy word that was coming out of his mouth. With the help of Allison, we were able to deduce that the previous home owner did a lot of DIY stuff that wasn't quite up to code. Actually, it was downright illegal. Luckily, the leak isn't terrible, and it shouldn't be too expensive to fix. So next week, the sink gets some fixin'.

Later on, the phone died. The line works fine up to the house, but not inside, so it's our problem. Nice. SOB seems to think he'll be able to fix it, so we're without a home phone until next Saturday. Which wouldn't be a problem except that the stone walls essentially zap my cell phone signal down to nothing, so I either have to talk out in the front yard or in the third floor bathroom.

Oh, and Sam tried to kill Lucy three times yesterday. First he threw a picture frame at her head, missing her soft spot by millimeters. Then he poured a cup of ice water on her face. And half an hour later he chucked a toy at her head again. Fun times!

Does this boy look like he could be the perpetrator of such evil?

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bob said...

The Terrible Twos - coming to Bala Cynwyd in February, 2008!

Arizaphale said...

Needs more Mum time..tricky when Dad's away. Or is he back?

Amy Jo said...

Missing daddy for sure. He doesn't come home until Saturday. Boo!