Friday, September 07, 2007

The Dog Faces Downward Because She is Ashamed of Her Wardrobe

Despite watching waaaaaay too many repeats of What Not To Wear and Project Runway (I totally missed Tim Gunn's Guide To Style last night, but I am hoping that TiVo will save me!), I am 100% guilty of succumbing to mom-wear. If you add up all the pairs of 'yoga pants' I own, I'm betting the total would be more than the actual amount of yoga classes I've ever participated in.

So when PBN announced their big blog blast, wherein the winner gets $250 to spend at Coach, (where I have been drooling over this little darling) I almost died. Because I just took 17 bags of clothes to the donation center last week. As in the day before I got this announcement in my in box. And this time I did a really good job, clearing out all but maybe 15% of my wardrobe. So I have no embarrassing stuff left to show you. Two weeks ago I could have shown you my creepy-crawler dress. Or the combat boots I've been holding on to since 1995. Or the pair of pants I got at French Connection on sale that fit me for one day. Seriously, it was a comedy gold mine in my closet.

But alas, and alack, I cannot play along. So you do it! Win yourself something pretty. Then maybe since I inspired you, you might pick a little something out for me when you're out shopping!

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Arizaphale said...

Damn!! I missed this and I have loads of things which would qualify!!! (the formal dress from 14 years of age springs immediately to mind but I also have a mint green leather suit complete with padded shouldered bomber jacket and pencil skirt). Ah well, I couldn't have spent the voucher over here anyway. :-)