Thursday, October 11, 2007


In other boob-related news...

(Don't you just love when posts start out that way?)

On Monday I took Lucy down to the lactation center at the hospital where Sam was born to have her weighed. Gaging from her outfits I could tell the kid was growing, but I wanted some hard numbers. Let me just tell you that 'the girls' are working hard. She tipped the scale at twelve pounds two days shy of turning seven weeks old. Since SOB was the one actually weighing her, at first I assumed he hadn't done it correctly. Never mind that fact that he's a doctor, I made the woman working there come over and 'help' him re-weigh her. Guess what? They do teach you to weigh babies in med school, 'cause his weight was correct. That means she gained three pounds in four weeks. Almost one and three quarter ounces a day. If I'm making such mean breast milk, then why isn't my ass getting any smaller? (More on that later!)

Speaking of 'the girls,' while I was there I decided to try on a few nursing bras. They had some really pretty ones, and I feel guilty just using the scale. The way I figure, as long as I act like I might buy something then I can use the scale with a clear conscience. Don't ask me why this rationale works for me. It just does. Anyway! I took a few bras off the rack and headed for the dressing room. I had pulled the largest sizes I could find from the rack, but my rack wouldn't fit into any damn one of them! I politely asked through the curtain if they had any larger sizes. All of a sudden the worker lady pulled back the curtain and descended upon me with her tape measure. The main reason none of the bras fit was because I am now officially a D cup. Actually, according to worker lady, I'm more of a D-bordering-on-E cup.

Um, What?

Before I had Sam, I was one of those barely B cup girls. For reals. Now my boobs are hugely out of control. Now I'm one of those girls who can't buy bras in the regular store. Well, since I'm nursing I wasn't buying bras in the regular store anyway, but you get my drift.

I'm calling the entire experience 'the afternoon of the ever expanding tot and amazing expanding tits!'

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Arizaphale said...

"Well done you," as the Health Police (aka Community Baby Health Workers) would say to us in the UK.
And lucky you. The largest I EVER got was a C fact I think I am bigger now with my middle aged spread than I ever was when breast feeding. I had friends who could squirt it across the table and were regularly donating bottlesfull for the premmie babies in intensive care. I like to think the Baby Angel and I were efficient rather than excessive. :-)

Lora said...

I got a really good 34EE nursing bra at Harriets Innerwear on Passyunk Avenue. It's right by my house, so let me know if you are swinging by.

And yes, 34EE. It was awful. Now I'm back down to a C, but I was a D pre-Jake. The world is cruel.

Daisy said...

Hmmm...sounds like the jogbra solution wouldn't work for you. It didn't work for me, either; I'm a bigmama, and was a biggermama when I was nursing. Keep at it; you'll lose the excess weight. I was my healthiest ever while I nursed my babies.

fidget said...

I where an I cup while nursing.. i get my stuff off of though this time I just bought Lane Bryant no under wire things and just pull my boob in and out ninja style b/c I could not justify $60 per nursing bra

TB said...

That's some excellent milk you're making! And your daughter is a sweetie.

I too went from a barely B to almost DD when I started breastfeeding. Now at six months post-partum and still breastfeeding, things have normalized along with the loss of pregnancy weight I gained and I'm around a C.