Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just Call Him Dr. Grizwold

It's not quite this bad, but it's pretty extreme. We have three dozen glowing candy canes lining the walkway from the street to the front door. We have 20 glowing orbs hanging from the apple tree and several strands of colored light winding around the trunk. We have twinkling white lights galore covering the privet out front. We have a four foot wreath hanging over the front door with a giant spot light shining on it. We have strands of icicle lights on the edge of the roof. And we have five giant old fashioned light bulbs in our dining room that he doesn't know where to put.

But do you know how you can tell it's really awesome? When our neighbor across the street, who is an orthodox Jewish man, came out to compliment us. Aside from the birth of our children, it might have been SOB's proudest moment.

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super des said...

At least you're inside and don't have to stare at it all night.

Christina said...

Okay, I saw it last night and can definitely vouch that it is not as bad as the photo. Although, give Stephen a couple years, and I bet their yard will be winning awards all over the place, from jews and gentiles alike. Good work Dr. Griswold!!!!

Arizaphale said...

This is a very 'boy' thing to do isn't it? Himself invested in boxes of the bloody things when we moved in here. Mostly they are just icicle lights and fairy lights but we do have a number of coloured spot lights set in the ground and aiming up at palm trees etc. I think I would draw the line at the candy canes though :-)
I wouldn't even let him put coloured lights on the Christmas tree last night...I am such a spoil sport!!