Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lucy: Month Four

Dear Lucy -

Month four will be forever cemented in history as the nickname month. You have well over two dozen, including but not limited to Lucy-Goosie-Tiny-Cabosie, Tiny Hieney, Baby Lady, Turtle, Goose, Goose-A-Loose, Lu-Lu, Oosie (that one is Sam's) Snicker Pie, etc. You delight in each and every one.

Guess what else delights you? Toys! You 'get' them now. And you can actually get them, as in in your tiny clutches, under the right circumstance. Those circumstances being me holding the toy two inches over your chest directly in your line of sight, but hey, you reach for them every time!

This was also the month of excessive travel. We are currently half way through our second trip to Pittsburgh in less than three weeks, but you've weathers it like a pro. In fact, you slept the entire 4.5 hour trip on our way home last time. Here's hoping you do it again!

You've also become a big fan of your hands. Chewing, sucking, licking. All the live long day. You've only just noticed your feet in the last day or two, but you seem to be scheming on how you're going to get those in your mouth, too.

Can you take a look at those cheeks for me? Solid muscle. You might be tempted to grab 'em and give 'em a good pinch, but you won't be able to. They have too much tone. I guess it's from all the smiling. And sucking. You love to eat. A lot. All day. Luckily, at night you much prefer to sleep, so I've managed to maintain my sanity.

You L-O-V-E love to be sung to, and usually you join right in. Forget coos and gurgles, you squeal and shriek, but in the loveliest way imaginable. You open your mouth, close your eyes and let loose unimaginable sounds. Your brother gets a huge kick out of it, and your grandparents want to use a recording of you as their ring tone.

Overall this month, though, you started having fun. You were a serious baby for a while there, and I was kind of concerned that you were going to be pretty dull. What with the never smiling and always brooding. But my fears have been laid to rest. You giggle and laugh when we blow on your face. Just this morning you blew raspberries at your pap pap. This is my favorite baby time, and it's hard to look at you and not want to have seventeen more.

Just kidding about that last part. I think.

Either way, you'll always be my first baby girl. I love you, Goose.


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Arizaphale said...

Them's some serious nicknames!! And how can you say she has been moody? EVERY picture from the word go has been of a smiling girl! That must be why her cheeks are in such good shape!!! :-D
She's a beautiful girl indeed. Congratulations.

super des said...

omg she looks like Sam!
you all look alike! Adorable!