Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tiny, Non-Existent Bubbles

Tonight I took a bath in my tub. I wanted to use some bubbles, so I picked up the little bottle of pomegranate jubilee foaming bath swirl purchased from the bargain aisle at Target last week. The red part was the pomegranate, so the white swirl must have been the jubilee. Anywhoodle, I tried to pour some of both the pomegranate and the jubilee into my running bath water, but it wouldn't come out of the bottle. I gave a squeeze, and it started coming out in clumps. Clumps that wouldn't dissolve even when run through the whirlpool jets. Additionally, these clumps of bubble bath generated absolutely zero bubbles. They just floated around in the tub and reminded me of that scene in Poltergeist when Carol Ann and her mommy fell out of the ceiling and were coated in that red goo and then they went in the tub. It was disturbing.

Even more disturbingly, later on I was reading the warning label on the bottom of the bottle. It said, 'May cause irritation to skin and urinary tract following prolonged exposure.'

Emphasis mine. Ew.

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super des said...

gee, why was it on clearance?

aunt nee said...

hi, amy

all bubble baths can increase a chick's chances of a uti. the bubbles break the surface tension of the water--the better for a tiny amount of bathwater to make its way up your urethra into your bladder.

your younger cuz got a really nasty uti when she was a baby, thanks to a mr. bubble.

although this bubble bath sounds really special!

the pictures are great!!!!

aunt nee

Arizaphale said...

Eeew indeed. That's the last bubble bath I ever use!!!!! Hang on...I don't take baths. Phew. Safe.
Seriously though, must have been an old batch which had lost its emulsifying properties. (I just made that up)Hope you get another, more successful chance to relax real soon!!