Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Perfect Moment

On Saturday we were at my parents' house, which I may have mentioned is somewhat limited in size. Lucy had taken a powder in her car seat and was successfully transferred, still slumbering, into the middle bedroom. It was nearing Sam's nap time, and I, too, was longing for an afternoon snooze. Since there were few options, I took him with me into 'our' room.

At first, I put him in the pack and play at the foot of the bed, and then buried myself under the covers in hopes that he wouldn't be able to see me. Unfortunately (or fortunately, really) my son is smart enough to realize that I never left the room. He is also tall enough to climb out of a pack and play if it is smack dab up against a bed, and so after two or three minutes, I found myself with some company.

I showed him how to lay his head on the pillow and to pull the blankets up, and we cozied in for a nice long sleep. Initially, he wouldn't close his eyes, so I closed mine to show him. I felt little fingers brush my lashes, his palms on my cheeks. I whisper-sang 'twinkle twinkle' and told him it was time for sleeping. And then, following my own command, I fell asleep.

Fifteen minutes later, I awoke. His small warm breath fell on my face in an even rhythm. I watched as his eyes darted back and forth behind his lids, a small smile on his lips. I gently kissed him, and tiptoed out of the room.

Just before I closed the door, I turned back to look at him again. He's getting so big, but there in the queen sized bed he looked just like a baby.

I left the door slightly ajar, so that I could watch him sleep through the crack.

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Arizaphale said...

Oh oh oh. *sigh* Been there....beautifully written.

Toni said...

Ahh, so beautiful! I found my way over her from Chicken and Cheese and thought I'd take a look around and have to say you have lovely children and this post was heartwarming. My son is nearing 1 and we have yet to have this sleeping experience as you describe. I hope we do soon, though. Sounds heavenly. Merry Christmas!