Friday, February 15, 2008

Finding My Rhythm

Life with two babies is finally getting marginally predictable. Sam's eat/nap/eat/poop schedule is solid as a rock, and Lucy, while still a little fluid, is getting the gist of things. Most weekdays I make it to the gym, and then I actually shower afterwards! I made these Valentines for Sam's class, which prompted several people to tell me how I was such a good mother.

(Really? Because I melted some crayons? Spread the word unfit parents of the world! All you need is 30 minutes and a busted up 64 pack of Crayola's to win mother of the year!)

But then I look around and see that a bunch of the internets are pregnant again, and I start thinking. And I wonder, is it true that the 2-to-3 transition is a piece of cake? Do I want to contemplate even a crumb of that cake? Does my ass really need more cake?

(I mean that both figuratively and literally, by the way.)

A few months back I mentioned how our cracked out health insurance wouldn't cover any contraceptives for moi. They're happy to pay tens of thousands of dollars for prenatal care and labor and delivery, but not $900 for an IUD. This week SOB and I finally got around to discussing how we wish to deal with that whole issue. We decided to wait until fall, when his company's open enrollment period begins, and change our plan. We've vowed to "be careful" until then. Which is kind of a joke considering we were "being careful" when I got pregnant with Lucy. Is that some kind of silent endorsement from both of us for a third?

I don't really know. I guess we'll find out sometime between now and October!


P.S. Here are some purdy flowers that I got on February 13th. I don't know, either.

Double P.S. We've also had our first official poop on the potty, along with several more pees!

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super des said...

So is the title of this blog a delicious double entendre about the babes routine and your vow to "be careful?" Because it cracks me up even if it was not on purpose. In fact, even more so if it was an accident.

Amy Jo said...

I actually intended to do that. I thought it would be rather tongue in cheek.

Alex Elliot said...

I need to do that craft!