Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Demand a Recount

Tomorrow is Sam's birthday. How is it that my baby boy is two? Here are a few hundred (just kidding, but not off by much) of my favorite photos from the past year, including one I took just this morning during potty training hour. I tried very hard to put the in chronological order, but I'm sure there are some flipped around. Enjoy!

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susan said...

The end! What a fantastically adorable year!!! Happy happy birthday, Sam!!!!

Lora said...

my all time fave sammypic is the one of him in the grass. it reminds me of one I have of jake, the first time he sat in the grass (it comes late in this city living)

but the others really get me because i can look at sammy thru your eyes, and see him as if he were mine, with those quirky little faces and can feel those "ohmygod that's mine" pangs we get in our hearts when we look at our little boys.

Carrie said...

amy...maybe i am a little crazy, but i cried a little when i read this and looked at the pictures!! i just can't believe he is two. he is so sweet. and now such a little man person. aaaahhhhhh.