Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Perfect Storm

My children are conspiring against me. They have both reached stages in their development that have fairly predictable naps. Unfortunately, those nappy times rarely coincide. In fact it's kind of like Haley's Comet. They both wake up at the same time, and they both go to bed at the same time, but they tag team throughout the day is an much as naps are concerned.

Which means I. Never. Go. Anywhere. And when Sam is awake, I'm usually chasing his bare bottom around trying to keep him on the potty. That boy is a clever one, let me tell you. He emphatically tells me he has to pee, and even throws in a little pee-pee dance for good measure. Then he sits on the potty for three seconds, grunts and strains to force out a few measly drops, and takes off. I spend the 30 minutes or so trying to wrestle him back into a diaper. Usually our escapades are loud enough to wake Lucy.

Now we've started talking about adding a third to the clan I may never blog again.

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Janet said...

you are a brave woman...my kids do the same- now that ollie sleeps for a 6 hour stretch at night, jack decides to wake up and beg for juice!
i hear you on the going out thing. i feel like it takes an hour of planning just to go to wawa!

Mrs. Chicken said...

We only have 1.4 at this point and Mr. C is already talking about a third. I should let him read this!

Potty training is a b*tch. I wish I could contract it out. And the napping? Well, The Poo gave up her nap 367 days ago, so I shouldn't have that issue! :)

This made me laugh. If we get a job at the big Catholic U nearby you (Mr. C has a respected colleague there), I'll come over and add to your chaos.

Amy Jo said...

Hooray for chaos! I love chaos!

Seriously, the more the merrier! That goes for both of you!

Nichole said...

Mine are staggering the naptimes, too. While it is a little frustrating, it's nice to have some alone time to spend with the little guy while his big sister is sleeping.

Oh, and I did contract out the potty training. I highly recommend it. (My mother-in-law did it! Yay mother-in-law!)