Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, I Can Do Anything Better Than You

Last week I had a blood test done to check my cholesterol and other such nonsense. So did SOB. We both got new primary care physicians recently, and they wanted a full panel of health and wellness tests done. SOB also needed to get some things checked out for his life insurance policy.

(Insert evil laugh and image of me plotting his imminent demise in order to cash in his fat new policy.)

(Remind self that the nineties ended more than 8 years ago.)


We decided to make a friendly wager on who would have the better results. We basically eat and drink the same things on most occasions, however I exercise on the regular and he doesn't. And by that I mean at all.

Well, our results came in the mail yesterday, and guess what? I totally kicked his ass. Luckily it's not because his are so abysmal (that's not to say that they couldn't use a little work) but because mine are so totally awesome!

So to celebrate I'm going to go and eat some deep fried cheese!


Even though my cholesterol is awesome, it might not be better than every man on the planet. But there are lots of ladies out there who can do lots of things better than those menfolk. Check out the MyCarPage and the Parent Bloggers Network to read all about them, and to check out the awesome prizes available just for tooting your own horn!

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Arizaphale said...

Way to go!!! Even after those pirogies???????? Exercise is an amazing thing :-D