Friday, April 18, 2008

Go Ahead and Hate Me

When the girls over at PBN asked us to share a story of the 'sweet tales and horror stories about the gifts we've received over the years,' I cringed. Why? Because I have been blessed with a husband who always gets it right. Always. Which is awesome except that it gives me absolutely no (funny) blog fodder.

Sure, I could go on and on about the time he surprised me with a romantic long weekend at a very upscale resort, complete with diamond earrings on my pillowcase when we arrived. Or the time when Lucy was born and he just about cleaned out the Coach store with gifts for me, one of which also contained a little blue box. Or how he showered me with a gift a day the entire week before our wedding, with each day's gift getting better and better.

But the best gift he's ever given me was probably what he gave me when Sam was born. My boy was born on a Monday, and we came home on Tuesday. Sometime later that week my friend Carrie came over to visit and see new Sam. SOB had to flee go to work for just a little while, and was planning to leave just after Carrie arrived. Sam had just come out of a big nap and a big (long) boob session when she got there. Right before he left SOB insisted on swaddling the baby. I actually kind of yelled at him because 1) the baby had recently risen and was probably going to be awake for a few minutes, and 2) Carrie definitely wanted to hold him, so why on earth was he swaddling him? But he insisted. And less than 5 minutes later he was asleep again in Carrie's arms. For almost two hours we talked while Sam slept in her arms. Finally he began to stir, and as he did Carrie reached into the blanket to play with his new baby feet.

All of a sudden she exclaimed, 'Amy, there is something in the baby. SOB put something in the baby.'

I didn't know what to make of this statement. At first I thought she meant he gave the baby drugs. That is what he does for a living, and the boy had been asleep for almost two hours, right? But no, she clarified that there was a box wrapped in the baby's blanket. I un-swaddled him and found a small box with a ribbon. We were basically broke at the time, so I wasn't expecting much. You can imagine how shocked I was, then, when I opened the box and found this:

The ring was inscribed with Sam's initials and birth date, and the note was written from him. I still have it up in my 'Sam mementos' box under my bed.

I'll just be hanging out here behind my couch, so feel free to chuck some rotten produce my way. No hard feelings. It's the price I have to pay!


If your husband needs a little help to live up to SOB, tell him to visit Get In Her Head before this Mother's Day/birthday/anniversary/flag day. You'll be glad you did. If you want to play along with this blog blast or just read all of the other entries, click over to PBN and get your fill!

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super des said...

I just want to point out that Flag Day is my bday.
And that SOB sounds super!

Rinny said...

While I won't throw produce, and won't drag you out from behind your couch so that others may throw produce, I will say that you are a lucky woman indeed. My hubby is good, but man....SOB should start his own conference or something on giving gifts!

Amy Jo said...

des - I knew you'd catch it a secret shout out!

Karianna said...

Fabulous! What a great story. My husband has tried things like that, but they go wrong - like putting a ring in a candy box: I didn't see the ring and accused him of eating the candy!

Scary Mommy said...

Really sweet!!

Arizaphale said...

my my my my my
I am speechless and mega impressed.
where's the pumpkin?