Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let the Sun Shine

We've had a wealth of sunny days lately. As soon as Sam rolls out of bed he runs to the door and attempts (in vain, now that we installed a chain lock) to open it, all the while yelling 'OUTSIDE!' as loud as he can. I think his rationale is that since we can't go outside until the baby is awake, if he yells at the top of his lungs he solves his own dilemma. He's one smart little cookie, isn't he?

Last week we had such nice weather I tried to show him how to run through the sprinkler we have watering the new back yard. He wanted no part of that, but he did enjoy running wild in his 'baby suit' for the afternoon.

I caught sight of him standing still a moment, playing with his belly button.

Even though he acts all tough and big, he still has a round baby belly. Just like when he was three weeks old.

3 weeks

116 weeks

And here is a gratuitous shot of Lucy, just because I feel as though she's been under-represented lately.

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HipMomma said...

He'll get the running through the sprinkler thing soon enough. My girls won't do it bare foot. Then again, neither would I. And little Lucy looks like she was begging for a picture.

Heather! said...

Aww! I just adore miss Lucy's arm rolls...right down to the wrist! My kiddos hate the sprinkler--maybe we'll have better luck this summer!

Linda said...

Your children are beautiful! Lucy's smile is infectious and Sam's belly...well that's just round!

Stacy said...

I bet he'll get the sprinkler thing this year sometime. My kids both were in love with it last summer. I can't wait until it gets warm enough again this year.

That last shot is pure sweetness - what an adorable little girl! Love the belly shots, too. :)

Christine said...

Oh yea... sprinkler preferances will change. You can't keep my oldest out of the sprinkler but you can't get my 3 year in it at all. LOL

I love the belly button photo! Sweet!

Maggie said...

I just love kid bellies - they are so cute! It's the one time in your life that it's adorable to be round...

Jenn said...

HEHEHE LOVE those belly pictures! He's adorable!

Arizaphale said...

There's a whole generation of children here in Aus who will grow up without the joy of running through sprinklers! (they're currently banned)
That photo of Lucy...oh MY!!!!!!!!! I could eat her.