Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Tally

My parents are visiting for the weekend. This just seemed too perfect because the Parent Bloggers Network and the Grandkids Gift Guide are hosting a blog blast on grandparental gifting, good or bad. As soon as I saw the post I knew that by the end of the weekend I was going to have some excellent blog fodder! So here is the running tally of all of the gifts, both tangible and intangible, they have given to my children. Mostly to Sam, but that's only because Lucy is too little to know any better, right?

Number of bedtimes extended well beyond any reasonable limit: 2 for Sam. Luckily Lucy doesn't tolerate this very well, and since no one wants to be around a screaming 9 month old she gets to go to bed on time.

Number of blue M&Ms consumed in lieu of lunch yesterday by Sam: at least 150. They were a wedding favor, and my folks gathered up all of the orphans before they left the reception so that they could give them to Sammy. I made my mother change his diaper this morning, though, so I guess we're even.

Number of outfits brought or purchased for both children: six, three a piece.

Number of toys purchased at Target yesterday for Sam: two, which is less than half of what she wanted to buy. I made her put back the electronic piano and super bubbles, but ok'd the plastic golf clubs and book.

Number of carnival tickets purchased for $1 each: 10, good for 5 rides on the choo-choo at 2 tickets per ride.

Number of times Sam rode the choo-choo: 1, and he cried the whole time.

Number of carnival tickets sold at a discount to the lady waiting on line to buy tickets: 8, for the great price of $5.

Number of Happy Meals, complete with milkshake, consumed: only 1 because I put my foot down. And also? Just because the milkshake flavor is strawberry banana does not make it health food. Hasn't she heard the urban legend that fast food milkshakes contain digestible plastics?

Number of hours spent watching episodes of Curious George on a continuous loop? 12. And he's probably only been awake for 15 hours total while they've been here.

Needless to say, Sam loves when Nani and Pappy visit. Mostly I do too, to be honest. Watching his face as they walked up the porch steps on Friday night made the bloated bed time totally worth while. And right now they have both kids with them at church, so I have a blessed hour to myself.

But they have only been here for 37 hours, mind you. They still have five or six left, and I'm sure the gist giving hasn't reached it's full potential. I hope they're all at church praying for me right now.

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Heather! said...

I'd take 150 blue m&ms over 150 blueberries any day. Sounds like Sam is enjoying the weekend to the fullest!

Arizaphale said...

It always amazes me that our parents encourage things for our children that they would NEVER have condoned for US!!!! I suppose that's the joy of grandparenting, never having to enforce boundaries :-)