Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lucy: Month Nine

Baby Girl!

I'm going to keep calling you that for as long as I possibly can, ok? It seems like you are growing by leaps and bounds these days. None of your clothes fit right 'cause of your big old tummy, so we end up cuffing most of the pants you own. Thank god shorts and dresses are right around the corner!

Those teeth that have been threatening for weeks (months, actually) finally popped out. With them they brought a new personality we've never met before. I've been calling it Super-Crank. Combined with a nasty virus that reigned o'er our house for weeks on end and you could say this month has been, well, interesting. Luckily the past few days have been better than the previous 28.

Note that in the picture everything is blurry except your smile. That's because you barely stop moving. Usually your smile is the only thing that stays put, baring all teeth related maladies. You can almost crawl, but one leg just gets stuck under you each time. Instead you have perfected the art of rolling and spinning to cover ground, and boy can you move!

Um, has anyone seen my mohair suit?

Ah, nice weather! There is nothing cuter than a fat naked baby sitting in the front yard. Sitting under the apple tree has been a frequent pass time when the sun and temperatures are high. Then Sam runs around and sneaks back to give her a kiss or tickle every now and again.

Your nani and papa came to visit last weekend, and they just about ate you up. The last two times they visited you were just unbearably sick and miserable, but this time your mood was at least somewhat improved in comparison. And as much as they loved you, you loved them! You just gobbled up all the attention along with the thousands of the cheerios they popped in your mouth.

All teeth related irritations aside, you are really starting to develop into a tiny little person with a very lovely and bold personality. Soon enough you are going to be busting out of the baby phase, and it's very bitter sweet for your mama. I mean, we're already talking about your birthday for chrissakes! But no matter how big you get, I'll always be there to cradle you in my arms when you need it.

Love, Mama


P.S. Want to know more about all those cute barrettes she's wearing? They are from Maiden America, and you can read all about them over at The Cheese Says....Mmmm!

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Arizaphale said...

I cannot imagine Lucy cranky cos every photo of her has that extraordinary smile on board. And thanks for the Bennie and the Jets walk down memory lane....