Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Monday

This morning has been a doozy. Last night we brought Sam's car seat inside for a thorough cleaning. Once I was finished I put it on the back porch, in the bright afternoon sun, to dry. SOB was supposed to pop it back into the car, but naturally he forgot. I knew he would, and I tried to remind myself to do it, but I forgot too. This morning I plopped Lucy into the exersaucer and gave Sam some 'be good' instructions and off to the car I went to re-buckle me some car seat.

In the five effing minutes it took me to buckle this thing in, Sam figured out how to lock the back door. We recently installed a chain lock on the front door because the same little clever monkey realized that he could open the front door, so that option was kaput. And I live with a crazy paranoid man who locks every single window in the house every single night. So that wasn't an option. Out of options, I spent the next 15 minutes desperately trying to explain to Sam how to unlock the door.

The good news is: he figured it out!

We got in the car and all was well. For about three seconds. Sam started squirming and complaining in his seat. Once we got to school (thank god it's a very short drive) I realized that since his car seat had been out all night, ants had gotten into some secret little crumb cavern. I guess they had polished off the food remnants because now they were devouring my son. I got him out, de-bugged him and dropped him off. Then I raced home and proceeded to vacuum every little six legged butt head out of my car.

Then the cat pooped in the exersaucer.

Thank god I have this little goof ball to keep me sane!

As soon as I saw this photo, another image came to mind.

Whadda ya think?

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Jaimee said...

oh my, what a stressful adventure!! Glad it all worked out ok in the end! what an adorable pic!

Maggie said...

That is adorable - what a great expression. And oh my - how stressful! I'm impressed that the door didn't have to be taken off the hinges!

Golightly said...

That's a crack up!! LOL

What a morning you had.

Rachel said...

We just had the same ant/carseat experience about a week ago.

That face is just too darling. It would certainly brighten my day, too.