Sunday, May 04, 2008

Numero Dos

All throughout my pregnancy with Lucy I was nervous. When Sam was in utero I knew nothing. I had nothing to expect. All I knew was that eventually a baby would come out, and that I would take care of him. After my brief but intense experience with post-partum hormone flux, during my second pregnancy I was mostly concerned with maintaining my sanity all the while maintaining my two children.

That and my nipples falling off.

But guess what? It wasn't like that. I would almost go as far to say it was easy. Two days after she was born I was out shopping like nothing had happened. Yes, I was tired, but I wasn't insane. My nipples didn't feel like they were on fire. Surprisingly I was, well, happy! After my experiences with birthing and bringing home Lucy, I wouldn't be afraid to do it again. And maybe even again.

So maybe it's not earth shattering, but it's the most re-assuring thing I can think of.



Visit the Virtual Baby Shower for three lovely ladies soon to be welcoming #2: Mrs. Chicken, HBM and Mrs. Chicky.

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1 comment:

Mrs. Chicken said...

I remember reading you when she first came home, and you were soooo calm. Hoping I can do the same - thanks for reminding me that it is possible not to lose your sh*t. :)